Camera monitoring systems can play an important role in maintaining safety conditions and efficiency onboard ships.

Next to that, ship operators might find that the extra visual coverage helps them keep a better eye on the ship, its crew and its surroundings. An Orlaco camera monitoring system could help the CCTV operator detect possible safety issues in time and prevent any incidents.

An improved view of the on-board working areas and the ship’s surroundings could help ship operators be more efficient in their work. Orlaco cameras can give a real-time overview of crew working areas, process monitoring and any other type of surveillance. On-board camera systems could add value to the security, safety and efficiency of ship personnel and the equipment they use.

Enhanced Ergonomics and Comfort

Efforts can be made to prevent accidents, but they still happen. Operating in confined areas with a lot of blind spots can cause damage to equipment and possible injuries to people. An Orlaco camera monitor system could provide the operator with an ‘extra pair of eyes’. For instance, a good camera monitoring system is helpful when maneuvering, and during ship crane operations or dredging operations. This could help reduce unnecessary personal injuries and help to prevent Lost Time Incidents (LTI).

Additionally, the use of cameras can contribute to the ergonomics and comfort of the operators. What’s more, video images can be distributed over a network to aid multiple employees with real-time reviewing of any given situation.

Certified Quality

At Orlaco, quality is never taken lightly. We keep a clear and persistent focus on customer satisfaction. A focus that is maintained throughout the manufacturing process of our quality products, which are custom designed in various formats. We are able to uphold our level of quality by providing detailed servicing. To top it all off, we have secured the highest achievable
automotive certification: TS16949. At Orlaco, we invest in continuous improvement in order to secure a long term, satisfied customer base. We believe that compatibility in products, systems, and operations is the key element to creating reliable partnerships.

All our products are controlled and clearly documented to give our customers a zero-defect product with operation that works right, every time.