Sperre Coolers AS is a sister company of Sperre Industri AS, and was established in 2012. Long experience with shell and tube coolers as well as with seawater issues inspired new problem-solving products.

In record time, the Sperre Pleat cooler and the Sperre Rack Cooler have proved themselves as innovative solutions, and the company is now positioned as a leading supplier of effective cooling systems with unique maintenance advantages.

Sperre Rack coolers
The Sperre Rack cooling technology is the smart alternative to box coolers. Compared with traditional box coolers, the solution means substantial savings for the ship owner, thanks to increased cooling efficiency, improved reliability for the vessel and reduced maintenance costs. In addition, the system is easy for the yard to install.

Sperre Pleat coolers
The Sperre Pleat cooling technology offers the benefits of conventional plate coolers, but there is one major difference: Ease of maintenance. With the Sperre Pleat cooler, we have solved the cleaning challenges related to seawater as a cooling source. This helps to increase operational reliability for the vessel, and enables a more efficient and problem free working day for the crew.

Sperre Tube coolers
Sperre has delivered shell and tube coolers for the marine market since the early 1970s. A proven concept manufactured to allow thermal expansion without causing leaks or other damages.