DP Advanced


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For students who complete the basic course and who already have a minimum of 30 days’ experience as a DP operator assistant, this course of practical development, through simulation exercises that reproduce various emergency conditions, understanding of the types of failures and its consequences, including as safety margins to be used in the function of the meteorological conditions.


  • Demonstrate ability to carry out a DP operation. This includes planning using all relevant information, contingency planning, worksite approach, use of checklists, communication, DP watch schedule, DP hand over and DP logbook requirements;
  • Ability to describe the limitations of the DP systems during operations in shallow and deep waters;
  • Ability to recognise conditions that will cause degraded or emergency status and recognise warning and alarms associated with Worst Case Failure;
  • Demonstrate correct behaviour in connection with failures and take appropriate action to stabilize the vessels position after a failure.

Target Group:
– DP operator trainees.

The DP Advanced Operator course is the third phase of the Nautical Institute (NI) DP Operator Certification Scheme. The course participants will be issued with the NI Dynamic Positioning Operator’s Certificate upon successful completion of the course.