DP Basic


It is the first stage of the qualification program for those who wish to become a Dynamic Positioning System Operator (DPO). Basic concepts on the principle of operation, power generation, thrusters, sensors, alarm system and others.

  • Define Dynamic Positioning and use of same;
  • Define main components in the DP system and role of same, including advantages and disadvantages in the use of the DP;
  • Discuss concept of mathematical model and consequence analysis;
  • Describe/explain the need for procedures, checklists and logbook entries, emergency and contingency planning;
  • Demonstrate the correct procedure for setting up on DP, and maneuvering in the different modes.
  • Please make download to learn more about the course.

Target Group:
Navigators, DP operator trainees and other users of DP systems who would like to start the Nautical Institute’s DP Operator Certification Scheme.

The DP Basic Operator course is the first phase of the Nautical Institute (NI) DP Operator Certification Scheme. The course participants will be issued with the NI Dynamic Positioning Operator’s Log Book and a Certificate upon successful completion of the course.