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The Refresher Course aims to refresh and update the Operator’s knowledge and allow them to brush up their skills in a realistic, safe and challenging environment. Course participants should demonstrate through simulator exercise that they can recognize, analyze and respond to alarms, warnings and information massages and are capable of reacting correctly to circumstances leading to a catastrophic failure of equipment and/or loss of position. He/she should be capable of planning and conducting a DP operation, including risk assessment, contingency planning and an assessment of the vessel capability.

The training will be a combination of theoretical lessons and bridge simulator exercises.

Participants will be updated of information concerning rules, recommendations and regulations for DP Operations, DP vessels and DP Operators, and recent incidents will be discussed to identify “lessons learned”. The course instructor will identify areas of weakness in knowledge as early in the course as possible by questioning their individual experiences and throughout the course by daily testing.

Target Group:
Officers working on DP equipment offshore vessels performing operations where DP knowledge and experience are highlighted.


• Update on DP rules, regulations and guidelines
• DP principles/functionality
• Elements of Dynamic Positioning Systems
• DP Subsystems
• DP Classes
• Update on knowledge of new position reference systems, possibilities and limitations
• Environment sensors and ancillary equipment
• FMEA and Annual DP Trials
• DP Alarms, warnings and emergency procedures
• Power generation and supply
• DP related incidents from IMCA and use of incident reports
• Operation planning using DP
• Position reference systems
• Use of status lights
• Practical operation of a DP system
• Simulator exercises
• Best practice watch keeping during DP operations


The training will be a combination of theoretical lessons and practical exercises.


Certificate: The course participants will be issued a certificate upon successful completion of the course.
Language: The course documentation is written in English and the course will be held in English, unless otherwise agreed.