Quality management


Founded in 1998, VISION MARINE REPRESENTAÇÕES E SERVIÇOS LTDA started its activities in the area of ​​commercial representation in the naval area. Soon it expanded its business in the area of ​​services, performing the installation, commissioning and repairs on the equipment provided.

VISION MARINE has a serious and defined mission, committed to modernity and business evolution, in the pursuit of customer satisfaction. Aiming at excellence in the execution of its activities, VISION MARINE in 2011 opted to implement a quality management system based on the international standard ISO 9001: 2008.

Continuous professional development has also become the focus of attention, and has resulted in the creation of a training center to serve not only the internal workforce, but also third parties. With the experience gained, it operates today at the headquarters located at Bispo Lacerda Street, 35, Del Castilho, RJ, with a total area of ​​520 m².


We implemented the Vision Marine Quality Management System in order to meet all the requirements of ISO 9001: 2008, making our relationship and projects with our customers better every day.

VISION MARINE Management critically reviews the quality management system to ensure its continued suitability and effectiveness. This critical analysis is carried out at least twice a year or by extraordinary convocation, and includes evaluation of the performance, adequacy and conformity of the quality management system, changes in the quality policy and its objectives, and the need for resources, when necessary. We are committed to continuous implementation and improvement of the QMS through:

  • Communication to every company of the importance of meeting customer requirements and applicable regulations.
  • Definition of a quality policy.
  • Definition of objectives for quality.
  • Conduct of critical reviews by Management.
  • Providing the necessary resources.