Vision Marine is a company with a great market reconassance, being always ready to give the best assistance to our clients. We perform instalation, comissioning, repair and maintenance to equipments by Northrop Grumman (Sperry Marine, Decca, C. Plath) and other companies we also represent, such as: Sperre, TMC, HamiltonJet, Jotron, Saab, ColorLight, Consilium, Danele, Gilat, HOBostron, JOWA, Loipart, MDL, Navis SeaHawk, Thermaltec and Veilan.

We assist in developing new projects and improvement of already existing systems in order to adapt them to the most up to date technology.

We’re able to develop new installation projects and supervision of these activities under our responsibility, if needed. Preventive and corrective maintenance plans elaboration of all systems, either by us provided/Installed or third party installation/supply.

We can offer equipment operation courses of all systems by us provided. We also offer worldwide warranty coverage in all products of our line of supply.

We offer new equipment integration services to any currently available system, with worldwide coverage. Our technical team, formed by engineers and technical personnel, are ready to support with any kind of information about our products via telephone, fax and e-mail.


The technical department of Vision Marine is ready 24/7, to oversee all types of installation of any equipment which we provide, whether in new construction, retrofit (replacement of old vessels equipment), or vessels requiring new operating systems.

Besides offering our repair and maintenance services to all types of vessels, we also have a very well equipped laboratory, organized, very well trained and prepared to receive a wide range of equipment which has any defect. Through an excellent attendance, punctuality and strict, we cherish the relationship with our customers. We are ready 24/7, for providing the best customer service.