Starting Air Compressors


The Sperre compressor offers a number of innovative and improved features. In short, the X-range brings the field of specialized compressors a great step forward to a new level of efficiency. That means considerable savings throughout the lifetime of your compressor system.

The best cooling efficiency in the market
Sperre has taken several steps to achieve the best cooling efficiency in the market. The unique coolers, the highly effective radial fan and the X-cover for optimized airflow are all important to withstand 55 °C ambient.

– Same cooling principle for air- and water-cooled
– Optimized airflow – the X-cover directs the airflow precisely and efficiently to the points where it is needed
– Outlet air approx. 25°C above ambient
– Radial fan increases air intake by about 20%
– Constant cooling throughout the range
– Unique and highly effective coolers
– Easy replacement of coolers
– Longer intervals between services