Though VDRs are a required tool on large marine vessels, it’s important to ensure that the VDR you choose has the right features and reliability you need. Learn more about the Danelec Difference in our new generation of Voyage Data Recorders so that you can feel secure in the quality and advantages of using our unique Danelec VDR technology.

Servicing and repairing shipboard electronics can be time consuming and expensive. In a typical service scenario, the technicians board the ship, troubleshoot the problem and determine what spares are needed to make the repair. If the parts are not available locally, they must be ordered.

Depending on the system, port state control authorities may prevent the ship’s departure until the repairs are made, resulting in expensive demurrage and port costs.

If the ship is allowed to sail, the spares must be delivered to its next port, requiring another expensive service call to complete the repairs.

Danelec Marine’s unique SoftWare Advanced Protection (SWAP) technology is a critical element for easy serviceability incorporated into all Danelec products. SWAP technology™ simplifies shipboard service by storing all system software and configuration, as well as programming data on a hot-swappable memory card that can easily be removed from the old hardware unit and inserted into the new one in case of failure.